Raul Garcia

Raul Garcia

Raul Garcia is a Superintendent with STR Constructors, LLC.

Raul Garcia is a seasoned professional with a diverse background and a wealth of experience in various fields. His leadership and expertise are instrumental in overseeing construction projects. Raul's journey began when he graduated from Estacado High School in Lubbock, Texas, in 1998. Following his high school education, he made a significant commitment to his country by enlisting in the United States Marine Corps in 2000, serving with honor and dedication for eight years. After an honorable discharge, Raul ventured into the private sector as a UXO/Explosives Technician, specializing in the safe management and disposal of unexploded ordnance.

In 2014, he transitioned into the construction industry within the Oil & Gas sector, gaining extensive experience in building Frac Sand and Crude Oil transload facilities in West and South Texas. His journey continued as he transitioned to commercial construction in 2017, where he excelled as a Project Manager, working on notable projects like Amazon Distribution Facilities until 2020.

Over the years, Raul's expertise extended to Multi-Family Construction and Healthcare Construction. Outside of his professional pursuits, Raul remains deeply passionate about explosive research and development, often collaborating with the USBTA, primarily as a hobby while maintaining connections with various law enforcement agencies. Raul also cherishes quality time spent with his family and pets when not immersed in his work.


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